SIGNATURE: PHILIP GLASS by Angèle Dubeau and La Pietà
Label: Analekta
Cat number: AN28755
My contribution to this amazing production
Producer, Recording engineer, Mixing and Mastering engineer

"After releasing my album Portrait: Philip Glass in 2008, I wanted to take a deeper dive into the vast œuvre of this composer, an icon of our era and one whose work has and will long continue to have impact. For many years now his fascinating and captivating music has been nourishing me intellectually and musically.

Glass being one of the most prolific of composers, there was no shortage of works to include on this my 48th album. My selection approach remains the same; I choose those works I find significant and compelling. Like Glass’ work as a whole, the content of this album is very diverse: music for theatre and for cinema, for chamber and for symphony orchestra, and recent works as well as some written almost 50 years ago!

Thank you for giving me carte blanche to revisit these works with my ensemble."

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  • OPTIONSUlysse Long-Hun-Nam

    "Cette sélection est plus qu’un hommage ; elle est le fruit d’un cheminement dans un monde sonore et un univers visuel qui s’étirent dans une sorte de bulle et de continuum sans fin."


    "Cette sélection est plus qu’un hommage ; elle est le fruit d’un cheminement dans un monde sonore et un univers visuel qui s’étirent dans une sorte de bulle et de continuum sans fin. Signature est le 48e album d’Angèle Dubeau… et assurément pas le dernier des derniers."


    "For Glass or Dubeau aficionados, this is a must-buy, and for the Glass waverers out there, this might be the disc that dispels doubts." " The performances are quite excellent, as I've come to expect from this source, and the soud is very good."


    "Signature' is about as impressive an overview as one might hope to find of this influential American composer, thanks to the imprint of Dubeau's own unique musical signature on proceedings."


    "Dubeau's personally curated playlist is performed with her usual flair and artistic integrity, every note adorned with obvious love for the music."


    "Glass is in exceptionally good hands with Dubeau ... With Signature Philip Glass, Dubeau and her colleagues have produced a recording that's perhaps as diverse and eclectic as any Glass compendium could possibly be."

  • RES MUSICA Jean Luc Clairet

    "Vedette du disque, le violon d’Angèle Dubeau porte haut la mélancolie d’un artiste qui, depuis un bon demi-siècle, a su capter les affects de ses contemporains."


    "Sumptuous and arresting arrangements exploring Philip Glass' universe."

  • AllMusic

    Signature Philip Glass Review by James Manheim

    With the continuing popularity of Philip Glass' music, various performers have arranged it for new combinations. He hasn't been notably dismayed by this, and indeed, one might draw a comparison with Arvo Pärt, whose works, to some extent, come into their own as they are performed in different versions. This release by veteran violinist Angèle Dubeau and her ensemble La Pietà is unique thus far. Dubeau reduces some larger items, like an excerpt from the Koyaanisqatsi film score, to chamber ensemble dimensions while performing some of Glass' relatively sparse output of chamber music unaltered. This results in some interesting insights, for example, that the chamber music, although for the most part relatively recent, mostly sticks closer to the minimalist core of Glass' style than the larger pieces, which open that style up to harmonic motion on a bigger scale. Dubeau thus shines a novel lens on Glass' music as a whole. The performances are arresting, with the edge of tension that makes a strong Glass performance, and the Analekta label wisely departs from its frequent choice of Montreal churches for the Multimedia Room at McGill University, an ideal space. Even those with large Glass collections will want to add this unusual release.