Truth in Our Time featuring Philip Glass - Symphony No. 13 by National Arts Centre Orchestra | Orchestre du Centre national des Arts du Canada, Alexander Shelley and James Ehnes
Label: Orange Mountain Music
Cat number: Unknown
My contribution to this amazing production
Producer, Recording engineer, Mixing, Editing engineer and Mastering engineer

Truth in Our Time complements American minimalist’s new symphony with compelling programming including Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 9, Korngold’s Violin Concerto, featuring James Ehnes, and potent contemporary works by Nicole Lizée and Yao 

 "The concert was as much a capsule presentation of the orchestra as an institution as well as a performing ensemble. The NACO has a crisp, slightly light sound, sonorous but expressive through articulation, color, and agility rather than mass, and this suited all the pieces," New York Classical Review of the US Premiere at Carnegie Hall, April 2022  

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ruth in Our Time: Philip Glass - Symphony No. 13 Review by James Manheim

The title of this live release by Canada's National Arts Centre Orchestra is an ambitious one, and online listeners may wonder about the thread connecting the very diverse works on the program. However, physical album buyers will get the scoop. The album's motivations are dual. One is pretty vague; the album seeks to embody the value of truth in an age of disinformation. The second is quite specific; the release pays tribute to the late Canadian broadcast journalist Peter Jennings. The items on the program work for one of these, if not both. The National Arts Centre commissioned the Symphony No. 13 from Philip Glass, who professed an admiration for Jennings, and it is a compact, punchy example of Glass' late style. Under the "truth" rubric comes the Symphony No. 9 in E flat major, Op. 70, of Shostakovich, and the revised version of the Violin Concerto of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, both dating from the end of World War II and obviously having nothing to do with Jennings but embodying the idea of composers' following their own inner dictates (speaking their "truths," as contemporary parlance has it). Both works receive strong performances; the light, neoclassic quality of the Shostakovich, which ticked Stalin off considerably, is caught nicely by conductor Alexander Shelley, and violinist James Ehnes contributes appropriate sentiment in the Korngold concerto. There is also a camera-themed overture by Canadian composer Nicole Lyzée and a nifty bilingual spoken-word item by the singer-songwriter YAO. Certainly of interest not only to Canadian listeners but to those from the south who fondly remember Peter Jennings.



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NAC Orchestra’s Alexander Shelley discusses new album and tribute to Canadian journalist Peter Jennings


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