Origami by Louise Bessette
Label: ATMA Classique
Cat number: ACD22895
My contribution to this amazing production
Producer, Recording engineer, Mixing, Editing engineer and Mastering engineer

With her latest recording, Origami, pianist Louise Bessette unveils a few pages from the musical journal of Montréal composer Anthony Rozankovic. His “origami music” or “score sculptures” are alternately dissonant, syncopated, consonant, lyrical, or chaotic,  according to film producer Carl Leblanc, author of the album’s liner notes.

11 of the 16 sixteen pieces on Origami started out as film music, with the composer conveying intense emotions — from the fate of migrants (Errance) to a greeting card in the form of a paper bouquet  at Auschwitz (Origami). Among the other works are four concert pieces including Mosaïque thérianthropique and La Jungle jongle, composed for Louise Bessette.

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